Derren Brown- The System

in this episode and throughout many of his tv series’ Derren Brown explores the elements of chance and how they can effect us mentally. Looking specifically in this episode at gambling and the probabilities of winning at the races. He explores different ways of tricking the audience into thinking that he is getting better odds than he should though the use off withholding information from he veiwer. For instance in one test he states that he will flip 10 heads on a coin in a row and does so but unbeknownst to the viewer h had been stating the same thing and then flipping coins for eight hours in a row before he got the desired take. in the end of the programme he states that there is no ‘system’ and that there is no way to better your odds against a completely random outcome.

This is one of the main avenues of research for my project looking at the random chance of an event and stepping back from it and realising the sheer improbability of the outcome happening.


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